Who We Are

We areProducer of great wines since 1918

We’ve been around since 1918 and now the second and third generations of the Zucchetto family are leading our vinery.

A rich story that makes us proud.  But what does that mean to you today?  Count on wisdom from lessons learned and timeless values that play a part in every drop of Prosecco we produce.

01Our Philosophy

With Prosecco’s growing popularity in the world we can expect increased appreciation for this specialty wine in particular in the emerging markets. We are thus compelled to reflect upon what this entails for our winery’s future growth, while remaining true to our winery’s traditional values and the notion that Prosecco is meant to be enjoyed for pure pleasure. We remain committed to maintaining a limited level of production while continually striving to improve the quality of our wines. It is this philosophy which has endeared us to many worldwide.

02Our Technique

To improve on the standards set by our founder Paolo Zucchetto in the mid seventies we have implemented new, more recently developed technologies in our winery. As always we avoid the use of additives and extracts, and minimize the need for sulphites. In addition, in our vineyard we continue to adopt sustainable and ecological practices. It is our goal not only to continue the development of these practices among our employees but to continue to build on the knowledge of past generations who tended the vineyards with care and tenacity.

03Feel at Home

With this foundation, we at the Paolo Zucchetto Winery look forward to an exciting and promising future where the surrounding hills and vineyards are not only a reflection of our work but a place where friends are welcomed, fruits of the land shared…a place we call home.

ExploreOur Story

We have a great team who is enthusiastic and passionate about wine grapes

First GenerationCesare Zucchetto, a pharmacist in the small Venetian town of Valdobbiadene, starting with a small vineyard in Cartizze Alto, the beautiful hills dominating the area, he combined his love of the vineyard and passion for wine with his skills as a chemist. The result was a Prosecco of excellent quality, favored by Venetian families celebrating special occasions and soon becoming well-know outside of the Veneto.
The "Cantina Sociale"While continuing his pharmaceutical practice and with the vineyard growing steadily, Cesare saw the need to create a foundation that would be a place where wine growers and producers could work together to maintain traditions and thus facilitate the growth of the trade. In April 1952 he co-founded the “Cantina Sociale di Valdobbiadene”.
Second GenerationCesare’s son, Paolo, inherited the passion for the vineyard and the cellar, which translated for him, after graduating in Agricultural Science, as viticulture and oenology. Paolo embarked on a decades-long plan to build the business acquiring new vineyards in Valdobbiadene and beginning production of Sparkling Wines using the Martinotti’s method. Reintroducing and then perfecting the ancient art of fermentation in the bottle, Paolo began produce Prosecco’s beloved by wine connoisseurs and winning prestigious awards and appreciations. In the mid-sixties, when Italian sparkling wines began to be known internationally, he recognized the need to provide a new showcase for Prosecco founding the “National Exhibition of Sparkling Wines”.
Third GenerationRepresenting the third generation, Carlo Alberto Zucchetto, Paolo’s son, is the winemaker for Azienda Agricola Paolo Zucchetto. A graduate of the University of Padua in Agricultural Science, Carlo Alberto has adapted state of the art technological techniques to the traditional practices of the cellar. With Paolo now focused on managing the vineyard, Carlo Alberto is free to concentrate on his obsession: constantly seeking perfection.
Whether in the cellar, which has recently undergone a major expansion, or exploring new approaches to cultivation and the selection of the finest grapes or in carving-out new markets in Europe, Asia and the Americas, Carlo Alberto is seldom seen standing still. We invite you to discover for yourself, through the journey of tasting, some of the world’s best wines from Azienda Agricola Paolo Zucchetto.